About Diamond Corner

The Amtronics Group of retail outlets trades under the renowned Diamond Corner name. The business was established in the sixties during the height of apartheid era and has successfully evolved under the close direction of the Dadoo Family. Today, Diamond Corner’s brand is strong as it represents a chain of three retail and wholesale outlets based primarily in the Vaal Triangle, Gauteng.

The Group

The Group being a family owned business was started by Mr. Abbas Dadoo. Mr. Dadoo’s hard work, thorough research and concentration on customer service and satisfaction entrenched Diamond Corner as one of the leading businesses in electronics, cellular and sound technologies in the Vaal Triangle. Due to the increase demand for electronics and cellular products the business grew exponentially requiring an increase in retail electronic space.

Why Choose Us ?

The team has secured distribution rights with a number of top brands, including DEFY, LG, Samsung amongst others. Diamond Corner has since become a dealer in hi-tech electronics, cellular products, home theatre systems and appliances.

The group has successfully beaten sales targets for many years set by leading electronics brands.


To position the company as the number one supplier of
electronic equipment in the Southern Gauteng and Free State area.

Recent Projects

Continuously investing in new products and information technology and market research

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