The Amtronics Group of retail outlets trades under the renowned Diamond Corner name. The business was established in the sixties during the height of apartheid era and has successfully evolved under the close direction of the Dadoo Family. Today, Diamond Corner’s brand is strong as it represents a chain of three retail and wholesale outlets based primarily in the Vaal Triangle, Gauteng.

The Group being a family owned business was started by Mr. Abbas Dadoo. Mr. Dadoo’s hard work, thorough
research and concentration on customer service and satisfaction entrenched Diamond Corner as one of the leading businesses in electronics, cellular and sound technologies in the Vaal Triangle. Due to the increase demand for electronics and cellular products the business grew exponentially requiring an increase in retail electronic space.

Today the group is overseen by Mr. Dadoo’s sons, Mr. Bilal Dadoo and Mr. Leendert Rolfes. The expansion of the group from owner managed to team driven is a direct result of the collaboration of this dynamic family unit.The primary reasons for the group’s success can be attributed to years of experience, business acumen, brand positioning and competitiveness. Mr. Abbas Dadoo is a respected community leader, and well connected in retail circles across South Africa. He supported by an eager and supportive team. He has strong values and enjoy the confidence of all stakeholders including creditors, bankers and employees.

Team Members

Mr. Bilal Dadoo

Mr. Bilal Dadoo (son of Mr. Abbas Dadoo) matriculated in 1995. Being the son of the highly successful businessman, he found the need to make his mark in the business. Being young, dynamic and determined to succeed in the business world, he is always on the lookout for opportunities and has trained under the close
guidance of his father.

Bilal comes from a strong sales and marketing background and has created a reputation for beating prices and sourcing any product the market demands from him. As group CEO, Bilal’s duties include:

  • Strategic oversight and decision taking.
  • Sales and marketing research.
  • Team management.
  • Staff admin

Mr Leendert Rolfes

Mr Leendert Rolfes serves as group CFO and has spent the last thirty years in developing strong relationships with suppliers and customers by setting strong internal controls to exercising strict financial management principles that has allowed the company to grow from strength to strength with minimal reliance on external funding.

L Rolfes duties include:

  • Financial management
  • Internal controls
  • Key decision taking
  • HR

Mr Mohamed Ally

Mr Mohamed Ally was brought on to assist in the day to day management of the stores and his duties include:

  • Daily stock take
  • Daily cash ups
  • Team meetings








Our vision from the earliest days of our trade has been all about service by understanding our clients’ needs and investing in our business by creating sustainable employment opportunities for our people and conducting our business based on the ideals of transformation, empowerment, honesty and due care.

The company’s success is owed to the following:

  • Hands on involvement by senior management
  • Response to changes in the industry and client demand
  • Continuous market research and networking with major brands
  • Implementation of long and short-term development strategies
  • Strategic business relationships with electronics brands and major distributors
  • Servicing all types of clients
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